Oil, Gas & Mining Fleet

With multiple job sites in remote locations, keeping track of crew and assets can be challenging.TrackOlap oil and gas fleet management solutions provide total visibility for your people, vehicles and equipment, no matter how remote the job site or rugged the terrain.
Managing production demands, costs and a range of on-road and off-road assets, these are just some of the many challenges and pressures facing aggregate mining. But it can get a lot easier with real-time data. TrackOlap provides a manufacturer-agnostic platform that connects any asset - empowering forward-looking companies to harness the potential of their data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve a new level of excellence across their operations.

Enhance operational efficeincy

Gain visibility into production and haul cycles, payload and daily targets vs. actual productivity with real-time data. Identify your best and worst cycle times, most efficient equipment and understand where you can improve production. Lower costs, increase ROI - find that extra haul or extra hour in every day.


Track precise equipment location via GPS - locate key equipment when you need it, monitor engine hours, mileage/position reports, sensor alerts, use geofences, fuel usage reports, reduce idle time/hoarding and prevent unauthorized use or theft.


Improve fuel efficiency, gain accurate accounts of idle time, track fuel consumption, benchmark fuel use across your fleet. TrackOlap integrates fuel tracking, forecasting and consumption solutions with sister company Gilbarco Veeder-Root, one of the world's leading technology suppliers for pumps, fuel measurement and tanks.

Advanced Maintenance Technology To Make Your Vehicles Last

TrackOlap solutions improve uptime and extend the lifespan of your valuable vehicles and equipment, helping them stand up to harsh conditions like extreme temperatures and rough terrain. Receive real-time alerts and reports that analyze your vehicle's health to address maintenance issues before they become problems.