TrackOlap enables safety and efficiency on the job in construction and remote operations anywhere on the globe. Many construction projects such as road and bridge improvement are located in remote regions, keeping track of staff and assets can be challenging.TrackOlap employee efficiency management solution provides total visibility for your people, vehicles and equipment, no matter how remote the job site or rugged the terrain.
Our Employee efficiency solution makes it possible to have access to track real-time information about employee movement which means that you can use detailed information to make smart choices for your business. TrackOlap provides critical information about your employees productivity so you don't have to rely on guesswork and can reduce the time and money you spend.

Real-time Tracking

One of the biggest benefits of Employee Efficiency software is that it allows you to record and monitor the time each employee spends on a task. This is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly it allows you to monitor the efficiency in which the individuals in the team are working.
Secondly, tracking the time certain tasks are dealt with allows you to efficiently price the work your team are putting into an external client's project. You can also use the information to assign tasks to the people who are able to be the most productive on certain tasks, to ensure maximum productivity throughout your team at all times.

Operational Savings

Fuel consumption is one of the largest expenses in these industries. Lower fuel costs can be achieved by a combination of speed control, idle time reduction and elimination of unauthorized use, whether after hours or during work hours. Additional benefits can be achieved as a result of these operational changes including lower insurance costs and reduced liability.

Labor Management

Cost savings through more efficient use of resources is also meaningful in the Construction industries. Unauthorized or unexpected overtime billing and misuse of working time can be detected and eliminated by comparing location and work status. Padded overtime is prevented and job costs reduced. Driver behavior adjustment through policy enforcement reduces on the job vehicle use for private business and the use of company vehicles to make trips after hours or over the weekend.

Competitive Advantage

More productive construction operations can lead to more efficient project completion and lower bid prices on new projects. Higher customer satisfaction and improved safety are important factors when bidding against low ball proposals and will usually justify themselves.


Create maintenance logs, track engine hours for scheduled maintenance, plan preventative repairs, identify and prioritize equipment that has been worked hardest, receive maintenance alerts, avoid breakdowns and maximize equipment uptime.