TrackOlap provides service companies the tools they need to arrive on schedule. Our fleet management software helps create efficient routing, ensuring the maximum amount of jobs are completed on time everyday.One of the challenges of managing employees in the services industry is that they frequently work independently in the field, which means you have limited control over their behavior.
TrackOlap's fleet management solutions provide the insight, visibility, and actionable alerts to increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost customer service. With Our solution Fleets can guarantee quick response to service calls with two-way messaging tools that quickly direct driver workflow. With TrackOlap Companies can also take a look at how they're doing overall to spot areas for improvement. TrackOlap helps businesses go above and beyond every customer promise.
TrackOlap can help solve these problems associated with managing a workforce in the services industry in the following ways.

City, County and State Fleets

GPS TrackIt provides real-time, 24/7 GPS tracking and fleet management solutions to help public services:

  • Keep Teams on Track and on Time.
  • Save Fuel and Money with Route Optimization.
  • Monitor Vehicle and Equipment Usage.
  • Refine Operations.
  • Maintain Compliance and Accountability.

Cost Effective, Safe and Secure

GPSTrackIt Fleet Management Solutions can be custom designed and built for almost every public service involving vehicles or equipment:

  • Fire & Rescue
  • Government Fleet Cars
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical fleets
  • Public & School Transit
  • Road Repair
  • Street Sweeping
  • Utility Services
  • Waste Management

Time Saved = Lives Saved

Wherever you're based, our EMS GPS fleet tracking software can help you locate the nearest emergency response vehicle, optimize your routes, and get to the scene faster.

  • Nearest Vehicle Location
  • Route Optimization and Map
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Log Trip Time and Mileage
  • Urban and Rural Coverage

Record-Keeping and Compliance

Electronic trip and billing logs help reduce human error and are thus more accurate and verifiable than paper documents. Simplify compliance and improve your rate of claim acceptance with detailed electronic recordkeeping.