Employee Efficiency

Intelligent Task Management

When a manager wishes to assign a task to field employees, they are faced with the dilemma of calling each employee separately to get the message across. Those problems are a history with TrackOlap. All the admin OR MANAGER has to do is simply write the task out from the admin panel, hit the send button, and that task is sent to the employee in question who gets a push notification alerting him of the task at hand. The admin can also assign reporting manager to field employees, who can assign tasks to their team members. This service management software boosts the efficiency and productivity of that task and keeps everyone alert on the happenings on all fronts. It is a task and employee management software which is developed by keeping in mind all the problems faced by managers.



Create and assign tasks to individuals in the team. Allocate tasks based on location and availability of field executive. Such accurate data helps in efficient tasks planning. Turn plans into action and reduce needless meetings and email. The task can be reassigned, rescheduled, modified and canceled.

ASSIGN TASKS TO Nearest employee

If an urgent task comes up, you can easily assign it to the field agent nearest to that location. Also, while they are handling other tasks, you can add new ones with less hassle, making this better than any task management software.

Uninterrupted communication

TrackOlap comes with built-in communication tools that help you stay constantly connected with your team members. A channel for two-way communication between the agent (using the app) and manager (using web module as well as app) is available for important information sharing, this enables you and your team to work cohesively, avoid communication gaps that can lead to misunderstandings and failed projects. The managers can also communicate with all the agents at once.

Save more time on follow ups

When you assign a task to an employee, it'ôs important to follow up to check progress, ensure the tasks are proceeding smoothly, deadlines will be met and more. Each of these follow-ups take time, and you have to remember every follow up yourself. With task tracking, you won't have to never think about following up again. After creating and assigning a task to an employee, you can see the progress online as employees just update their tasks real time.

Manage all your work/accounts in one place

You can monitor the activities and location of your agent in real time,TrackOlap allows you to integrate and manage activities of all employees in one place. All of your projects and processes are right there in front of you, on one big, user-friendly platform. With real-time tracking and monitoring, you can identify and fix issues before they escalate.

Prioritize tasks

Understanding which tasks are more important than others may seem simple, but it's easy to get lost in the process when you have so much work to do. Sometimes you get lost in the completion of small, low priority tasks, which leave the important ones for another day. This can lead to missing deadlines or not getting the job done the right way, simply because of poor management. Task tracking allows you to prioritize your tasks and get the most important ones out of the way quickly and efficiently.