Employee Efficiency

Expense Claims & Approvals

Expenditure module offers the right tools to employees to claim the expenses that should have even billed to the company. By simply clicking the green plus sign in the expense tab, your employees can take a snapshot of the invoice with the inbuilt camera of their phones and enter the associated bill and description for each. This information is then sent to the admin panel, along with the time of submission. Employees can also view their claimed expenses with the date and status of the expense (Under Review, Approved, and Disapproved). Admin can also download the expenses report in excel and PDF formats.


Fill expense forms anytime, anywhere

Information sharing is instantaneous, so employees can initiate the process by submitting expenses while still on the road, and managers and accountants can immediately review and approve expenses or send them back with questions. TrackOlap automatically syncs an employee's reporting manager as the approver.
Expense report systems can help reduce turnaround time by improving accessibility for faster submission, approval, and employee reimbursement cycles.

Create DETAILED Reimbursement POLICIES

Easily create unlimited policies with sub-categories to make sure you cover every possible employee business expense policy. Select whether you want to receive attachments as proof in your business expense system. TrackOlap allows you to automated work-flow that works with your company's expense process, helping to reduce time spent processing expenses. These sub-categories can be customized.

Know about your organisational expenses

Track the expenses of every employee, department, client, or project; armed with insights, make informed decisions and optimize your company's expenditures.

error free reimbursements

Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of all the receipts and how sometimes there can also be a miss in recording them. With TrackOlap's integration, all expenses--from individual employees, or entire departments--is automatically recorded. Your field staffs can now click a picture and attach the receipts on the go through TrackOlap's mobile expense management software. This means no more errors in your reimbursement processes.

Reduce Delays and Errors Caused by a Paper Process

Traditional approaches to managing expenses were paper-intensive and often involved filing paper reports with reams of attached receipts. The result was paper overload, long delays, and policy compliance errors. Trackolap gives employees the flexibility to easily and quickly submit their expenses details and upload bill images via smartphones. Managers and accounting staff can quickly review submissions and give approvals.

Comprehensive Expense reports

TrackOlap makes it easy for companies to review spending and slook for trends, Whether your managers want to quickly review expense spending against a budget for their team, or your forecasting planners want to dig deeper into company-wide trends, detailed analytics enable them to do so with configurable reports, an integrated dashboard, and handy export features.