Employee Efficiency


With TrackOlap, you can monitor your employees in-time, out-time, and total hours worked, including late coming through our geo-tagged and auto-capture attendance module from anywhere and at any time.
TrackOlap allows you to add user specific settings where you can set working hours for a specific user,set maximum working hours for half day & full day, configure shift details, import attendance data and much more!


Punch-in/out from Anywhere

With check-in and check-out options both on web and mobile, TrackOlap makes it easier for your employees to clock-in/out from out-duty locations also. TrackOlap lets you track attendance & time of employees from any location. All the employees can make use of their smartphone to mark their attendance online with exact time, location, photo, date and notes. Employees can write any notes if they have any while marking their attendance. In case, if they are late, they can write a note, explaining their delays, unexpected down time, etc.

Geo Mark Attendance Marking

With our latest Geo Mark feature, your employees can record attendance within the predefined coordinates set for your office or on-site client locations. We offer geo-tracking in the attendance module to enable employees to check-in from various locations.


Easily create and manage shifts for employees across teams. You can assign separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, employee types, and multiple office locations.

Real-time attendence information

TrackOlap's attendance management system processes attendance on a daily basis based on real-time attendance data. This gives you real-time and daily views of what's happening at an organization level and who's in office and at what time.

Customise Attendence configuration

You can configure attendence the way you want. You can configure:

  • Automatic daily attendance processing
  • Continuous absence alerts
  • Event notifications
  • Automatic log-out at the set time
  • HR mark attendence in special cases
  • automatic mark Late after a set time.

Employee portal: More than an attendance register

Employees can view their attendance information in a comprehensive and user-friendly calendar view on all mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Employees can view attendance details specific to prevailing deductions and associated rules.

Absence scheduler

Save yourself time and effort with our absence scheduler; it will easily convert absences to leaves so you don't have to spend time manually calculating.

Reports of every sort

Get graphical reports that will give you attendance summaries by day or by hour. See reports for individual employees, or for entire teams. Filters for custom date ranges, shifts, locations, and more, will help you drill down even deeper.