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A Way Towards Success

Case Management Software helps businesses in managing customer relationships across multiple digital channels, including emails, contact forms, calls, and more. With the TrackOlap case management toolkit, you can automatically collect and organize customer interactions under one dashboard, receive convenient access and a comprehensive view of each customer.

Customer's real-time data is a golden weapon that can unfold numerous opportunities ahead of your team. Our compact case management program provides a 360-degree case view to businesses so they can immediately resolve their customers' problems. To build a loyal customer base, we have the sharpest tools ready for you.

Main Features

Multiple Workflow

Based on your individual customer's case, you can custom design stages to resolve queries or complaints. You can define the customer's query-based task form in each stage and share an actionable workflow with concerned departments or employees.

  • Easy to Create Workflow
  • Different workflows for different type of cases

Integration with Cloud Calling

Our solution has the ability to interface with cloud calling systems so that your team can manage call logs and instantly create cases. When you have digital call records of your customer's cases, you can instantly create a pipeline to address them accurately.

  • View Caller's Details
  • Convert Unknown Call to Lead or Customer
  • Create Instant Cases
  • Manage Call Logs

Ticket Management

Our engineers have fully automated the process of creating a ticket based on a customer's complaint and assigning it to the right employee for follow-up. We have smoothed the ticket management system so you can resolve your customers' issues in no time.

  • Create Multiple Cases
  • Complete Specific Tasks
  • Manage Case Details
  • Update Case Stages

Customer Database

When you have access to the right customer's data at the right time, you can convert potential leads into customers and keep them satisfied with your services. Our one-click customer database can offer a competitive edge to your business.

  • Manage Customer Details
  • Add Multiple Contacts
  • Create Tasks
  • Manage Cases & Call Logs

Analytical Dashboard

You can keep an eagle eye view of your team by knowing individual employee's open and closed tickets along with calls attended and missed data. With our case management software, you can push your employees to quickly and effectively help your customers.

  • Overall Case Stats for particular Employee & Team
  • No of Cases by Stages
  • Call logs Stats by Duration & no of Calls

Automatic Alerts

If your employee missed addressing a case on time or updates a case stage, you would automatically receive alerts on your dashboard. From the same dashboard, you can take action against alerts and empower your customer relationship management strategies.

  • Get Case Created Alerts
  • When Updating the Case Stage
  • No Activity Done on Case
  • Daily Reports


Easily Manage Customer Complaints

Using an analytical dashboard and automatic alert system, you can instantly ensure that your customers' complaints are resolved instantly. When your customers receive immediate results, they will never think of leaving your side.

Increase Employees Performance

With powerful ticket management software, you can make sure to push your employees to deliver 100% results and go the extra mile to serve customers. You can evaluate the performance of each employee and assist them in performing even better.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you use a real-time generated customer database to build a user-friendly workflow, you can serve your customers quickly and perfectly. You can content your customers and compel them to spread good words about your services.

What You Get

Admin's Web Portal & Mobile App

  • Analytical performance dashboard
  • Custom Workflow
  • Manage Tickets/Cases
  • Assigning tickets to users
  • Manage Customer database

Employee Web Portal

  • View assigned tickets
  • Update of Tickets status
  • View overall self performance
  • Work on Multiple Workflows

Employee Mobile App

  • Create tickets
  • Assign tickets to other user
  • Update the ticket status
  • View assigned tickets

Use Case Management Software to Better Connect with your Clients

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