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Apartment Management Software

Apartment Management Software is a real-time dashboard system to record all the insightful data of a residential complex and make relevant analyses so that important decisions can be taken on time

This software will give the swift decision making power to building managers- to access information anytime and anywhere, limited departmental interventions and reduce dependency of extracting information. Quick Information and Swift Actions make the building operations smooth.


Domestic Help/Vendor Management

Data of Domestic Help/Vendor Management is synced into one management system for the convenience of residents as all information is just one click away from them.

  • Punch In / Out From Anywhere
  • Geo Mark Attendance Marking
  • Shift Management
  • Real-Time Attendance
  • Customize Attendance
  • Employee Portal
  • Absence Scheduler

Broadcast & Chat

Apartment Management Software assists in broadcasting quick messages among the residents of building and provides a sophisticated channel of communication for RWA and residents.

  • Attendance Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Saves Time
  • Leave Reports
  • Task Reports

Footfall Management

Complete digital tracking system to record visitors and vehicles entry inside the building's premises to entirely eliminate the paperwork.

  • Live Gps Vehicle Tracking
  • Track Vehicles on Google Map
  • Tracking History of 3 months
  • Increase Fleet Productivity

Disciplined Security

Every entry and exit into the building is monitored by Apartment Management Software and real time notifications are shared with the residents.

  • Live Gps Vehicle Tracking
  • Track Vehicles on Google Map
  • Tracking History of 3 months
  • Increase Fleet Productivity

Billing Service

Promptly generated automated bills for various prepaid services for the ease of residents.

  • Driver Reports
  • Track Vehicles on Google Map
  • Tracking History of 3 months
  • Increase Fleet Productivity

Visitors Authentication

Apartment Management Software only let pre approved visitors step foot into the building and visitor approval is gained by residents using OTP authentication.

  • Ignition Alerts
  • Vehicle Overspeed Alert
  • Rash Driving Alert
  • Idling Alert

Intelligent Task Management

Building managers can intelligently allot tasks to their staff and regulate their activities in real time using ons dashboard.

  • Add Vehicle Groups
  • Role Based User Hierarchy
  • Access Control & User
  • Management

Customer Support Helpdesk

Residents can easily register their complaints regarding their flat or common area in the form of tickets using pre designed custom forms.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Fuel Summary
  • Error-free & easy record keeping

Manpower Management

This software will manage all the essential manpower and and track attendance, leave, task performance of all staff life security guards, plumbers, electricians, etc.,

  • Vehicle Usage Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Easily Export In Any Format
  • Replay The Trip


Resident's Management's


Effective Domestic Management

Using apartment management software, residents can manage their domestic duties effectively as data of domestic helpers and vendors are stored up on the portal. Residents just have to make one call and all their domestic work will be handled.

High End Security

With the features like live GPS vehicle tracking on Google maps, visitor authentication, tracking history and fleet management - a highly secured environment for residents is created where no vehicle or person can surpass the threshold of building without proper authentication.

Easy Management

Now, using the apartment software, residents can manage everything at their home with few clicks like generating bills to filing their complaints in the form of tickets about own flat or common areas. Everything can be managed through just one app.


Instant Collaboration

Building management can create the hub of all residents and staff records on a single platform which they can access from anywhere and anytime and share or collaborate with their staff by broadcasting or chating with them individually.

Simple Delegation of a Task

When everything is integrated by building management on digital platform, then delegating duties to different staff members becomes utterly simple for managers - they just have to forward message to staff and delegate tasks and wait for the complication report.

Productive Work Environment

Managers can easily handle their man force like electricians, security guards, plumbers and other staff members and maintain a record of their leaves, working hours, in and out times so that they can create a productive work environment.

What You Get

Admin Web & App

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • View and assign complaints
  • Maintain visitors entry/exit
  • Vendor Management (Maids,Milkman,etc.)
  • Reports of all

Resident App

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Raise complaint tickets
  • Check status of Ticket
  • Notification on visitors/vendor entry
  • Accept or cancel visitor entry

Employee App

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • View and complete assigned ticket
  • Live photo upload
  • Mark Attendance
  • Apply for Leave and Expense

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