Apartment Management & Secuirty

Apartment management software provides real time dash board to keep all the data handy and results of various analysis to check what is happening throughout the organization. Intervene wherever required in real time problems and optimize the process taking the decision right away. (Now no need to wait for monthly report to take any decision, you can access any information at any time) Limit authorization department/designation wise and reduce dependency of extracting information. Know the wastage before its too late and take the corrective actions right away. When right decisions will be taken at right time, money and time both will be saved.

Apartment Management Software


Domestic Help

Domestic Help/Vendor Management

Domestic help/Vendor management makes the life of resident's much easier and effective and maintain the track record and the data in apartment management software will be synced in real time.


Manpower Management

Apartment management software can manage the record of their employees (i.e. Security guard, electrician, plumber, cleaner etc.) and track attendance, leave, task performance of all staff. Working hours and live status is being recorded of each employee

Broadcast & Chat

Broadcast & Chat

Broadcast in Apartment management software provides communication medium between RWA and resident, RWA can broadcast any kind of information related to different groups.


Pro Active & Disciplined Security

All entry/exit gate will be connected with each other and synced with data in real time using Apartment Management Software. Provide real time notification.


Footfall Management

Apartment Management software provides digital entry and no need of maintaining paper, data will be synced in real time.

Billing Service

Billing Service

Auto generated bills from prepaid secure meters in Apartment management software and share with residents


Visitors Authentication

Apartment Management Software maintain Visitor.Only authenticated or pre approved entry will be taken. (Visitor can be verified by OTP provided by the host/resident).

Tasl Management

Intelligent Task Management

Apartment management software take care of staff tasks, Now RWA/Managers can keep an eye on all staff activities and routine tasks in real time.

Customer Service

Customer Support Helpdesk

Residents can register their complaints in the form of tickets about own flat or common areas at Apartment management software.

Resident's Benefits