How IoT & mobile workforce will help in the post-Covid world

Have you ever wondered how the post-Covid world would look like? How will you grow and survive with coronavirus? A world where we would be forced to maintain distance and cannot be in public places the way we once used to be. It’s scary to even think about it at the moment. But as the famous saying goes ‘Life moves on’ and so shall we. To live with corona, we will have to embrace IoT and digital technology, says Udit Agarwal, Founder & CEO TrackOlap. After the lockdown of almost three months when governments are pushing towards unlocking, and coronavirus cases are multiplying at an intense rate—Is it an indication that “We should learn to live and grow with Coronavirus.” Importantly, when an organization like WHO says that we might never get rid of COVID-19, it is a clear indication that we should prepare ourselves for the post-Covid world where things are going to be different—a lot different.

June 2020



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