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A Case Study on Revolutionizing Time Tracking in Construction & Engineering

A Case Study on Revolutionizing Time Tracking in Construction & Engineering

10th Apr 2023
Construction  Industry

The Construction & Engineering industry is one of the most dynamic and challenging sectors, with numerous projects requiring strict timelines, budgets, and quality control. This case study explores why a construction and engineering company must adopt Geo Attendance technology to improve time and attendance tracking. This case study will provide valuable insights into how construction and engineering companies can leverage Geo Attendance technology to optimize their workforce management, reduce administrative burden, increase productivity, eliminate time theft, and get real-time visibility into labor data.

The Client Introduction

Construction and engineering firms are having crises controlling their employees on job sites. They had multiple teams working on various projects at once, making it challenging to monitor staff attendance and productivity.

According to a study by PlanGrid, 40% of construction workers report experiencing delays due to poor communication and a lack of access to real-time project information.

Additionally, manual methods of tracking employee attendance and productivity can be time-consuming and prone to errors, with the average construction firm losing over $177,000 annually due to time theft and buddy punching, according to a report by Software Advice.

To address these challenges, many construction and engineering companies are turning to innovative solutions like Geo Attendance. These mobile-based attendance tracking apps and data analytics platforms can help companies streamline their workforce management processes, improve productivity, and reduce errors.

In this case study, we'll look at how a construction and engineering company uses TrackOlap and its Geo Attendance solution to solve its personnel management problems and boost productivity.

Current Challenges

When we talked to several professionals across 50+ construction companies we found these omnipresent challenges that continuously hamper their productivity and business goals:

The distributed workforce across multiple job sites:

The organization had numerous teams working on various projects at various sites, making it challenging to monitor employee attendance and productivity in real time.

Difficulty managing employee attendance and productivity in real-time:

The company has trouble tracking employees' time and attendance in real-time across many task sites. The organization needed a more simplified and effective solution because the conventional ways of tracking attendance are ineffective.

Manual methods of tracking employee attendance prone to errors:

The companies are using manual methods to track employee attendance, such as paper-based timesheets and sign-in sheets.

The systems used to collect time and attendance data in the construction industry are extremely complicated. For payroll purposes, employers frequently keep a tight check on time and attendance-related data and do so by manually doing attendance management while an employee is on the job. Thus, there is a higher possibility of human error or inaccurate data being gathered.

Inability to verify if employees are present at assigned job sites:

There is no reliable way to verify if the employees were present at the job sites they were assigned to. This lack of verification can result in inaccurate attendance records and affect the company's project timelines and budgets.

Lack of visibility into employee productivity:

The business lacks efficient tools for tracking staff productivity in real time. Without this visibility, the business would not be able to optimize its workforce or pinpoint areas for development, which would eventually have an impact on its financial performance.

Time theft:

Another prevalent issue in the engineering and building sectors is time theft, which can take many different forms. Some workers might be tardy or depart early, while others might take longer breaks or partake in extracurricular activities while at work. Time theft can be challenging to catch and can cause the business to lose a lot in terms of output and profits.

Buddy punching:

Buddy punching is a common form of time theft in which employee clocks in or out for a coworker who is not present at work. This practice can be difficult to detect, and it can result in inaccurate attendance records and payroll discrepancies.

Inefficient time tracking:

Time theft may also be a result of ineffective time monitoring systems. Paper timesheets and spreadsheets are both manual techniques that are prone to human error and manipulation by employees. These problems can be resolved and precise, real-time attendance data can be provided by automated time monitoring systems like Geo Attendance.

In a nutshell, construction and engineering companies face various challenges in monitoring their staff, especially in large-scale projects that involve multiple sites and teams.

These challenges can affect the quality, efficiency, and profitability of the projects, as well as the satisfaction and retention of the staff. Therefore, construction and engineering companies need to adopt effective strategies and tools to monitor their staff in real-time and address these challenges.

Construction & Engineering Company Requirements

To address these challenges, the company decided to implement Geo Attendance solutions that can offer the companies following solutions:

GPS Attendance

Businesses are looking around for Geo Attendance, a mobile app for tracking attendance that uses GPS to confirm staff attendance at work sites. Using their smartphones, workers can clock in and out, and their location is automatically recorded, giving real-time attendance information. For example, John clocks in using the Geo Attendance app on his phone when he arrives at the job site, and his location is automatically recorded.

Real-time monitoring

The business can track employee attendance and productivity in real-time thanks to the integration of a location-tracking system. This enables the business to more efficiently monitor job sites, spot and resolve any problems in real-time, and make data-driven choices to boost performance. For instance, the Geo Attendance platforms like TrackOlap provide the business with real-time updates on staff attendance and productivity.

Elimination of manual methods:

The companies want to eliminate the manual methods of tracking employee attendance. The companies no longer want to operate paper-based timesheets to track employee attendance, which reduces the likelihood of errors and manipulation. A geo-attendance software can track the attendance, working hours, locations, and productivity of the workers in real time.

The app allows employees to clock in and out using their smartphones, eliminating the need for paper-based timesheets. The app also allows managers to view the attendance of employees in real-time, so they can monitor productivity and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Increased visibility:

This tool provides increased visibility into employee productivity, allowing the company to identify areas for improvement and optimize its workforce through a dashboard. The companies are looking for ways to identify areas where workers may need additional training or support to improve their productivity.

These platforms generate reports on attendance, working hours, and productivity, and can be customized to meet the company's specific requirements, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

A Successful Solution —TrackOlap

The construction and engineering company's capacity to manage its workforce and boost productivity has been significantly impacted by the adoption of Geo Attendance Tool TrackOlap. The business has made progress by tackling the difficulties of overseeing a dispersed workforce and manual attendance monitoring.

The organization has seen improvements in attendance control, output, a decline in time theft, efficiency, and decision-making.

In this part, we'll go into more detail about these findings and examine how Geo Attendance and TrackOlap have aided the business in overcoming obstacles and achieving its objectives.

Improved Attendance Management:

By providing real-time attendance statistics, Geo Attendance's implementation has enhanced the company's attendance management. Due to the company's ability to quickly identify and resolve any attendance problems, absenteeism has decreased and productivity has increased.

Increased Productivity:

Because TrackOlap has given the business insights into employee success, productivity has increased drastically. Through the identification of improvement areas and workforce optimization, the business has been able to increase output and profitability.

Reduced Time Theft:

By reducing instances of buddy punching and time theft, TrackOlap has helped the business save a lot of money.

Cost savings:

The business has saved a lot of money by using TrackOlap to reduce time theft and buddy punching. By doing away with manual attendance monitoring procedures, the business has also saved time and resources. For instance, by reducing instances of time theft and by doing away with the need for manual attendance tracking, the business has reduced payroll costs and saved time.

Improved Efficiency:

The business has increased its efficiency and accuracy by doing away with manual methods of monitoring employee attendance. This has decreased the possibility of errors while saving time and resources.

Better Decision-Making:

The business has been able to make data-driven decisions thanks to the use of real-time tracking and data analytics. As a result, the business now has better outcomes and improved performance due to improved decision-making.

Overall, the implementation of the location tracking tool of TrackOlap has helped the company to overcome the challenges of managing a distributed workforce, improve productivity and attendance management, reduce time theft, improve efficiency, and make better data-driven decisions.

A One-Stop Solution

For all construction & engineering businesses, we provide a one-stop shop for managing all of their on-site staff. With our mobile-friendly applications workers can log their attendance from anywhere. Book Free Demo Our dynamic tool-kit includes:

  • Real-time data analytics

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Integration with other systems

  • Automatic notifications

  • Geolocation tracking

  • Attendance tracking

  • Overtime tracking and management

  • Employee scheduling and time-off requests

  • Compliance management and reporting

  • Performance management and reporting

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