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Engine Immobilizer

Remote Immobilisation is an important feature if you wish to safeguard your valuable company assets and increase levels of security. Doing so will lessen the chances of a vehicle being stolen and increase stolen vehicle recovery rates.Any vehicle with TrackOlap's Remote Immobilisation can be immobilised quickly and conveniently from any internet enabled PC or smart device.Having an immobiliser as part of your vehicle tracking gives you a peace of mind.pressing on immobilize button will give an immediate response as the command is relayed directly to the car via data connection.

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Remote Immobilisation

TrackOlap has remote engine immobilse as its prime feature as well as full vehicle monitoring. If you see your driver is moving in the wrong direction or in case of some mishap, you can always take control and press the Engine cut button, which will dismantle the functioning of your vehicle with just one click.TrackOlap's Remote Immobilisation allows company vehicles to be immobilised remotely via any internet enabled PC or smart device.

Password Protected

Authorised personnel must apply their uniquely coded password to immobilise the vehicle.Company administrators simply log in to the TrackOlap admin portal or Manager App, press on immobilise on/off button and select the device that requires immobilising,then enter the password.If the password is correct then vehicle will get immobilise instantly.

Immobilisation alert/Notification

Restrict unauthorized use of vehicles, by remote vehicle immobilisation. As soon as the vehicle gets immobilise, You will get a notification/alert.