Waste Management

Managing the collection and disposal of waste products is an important and time-consuming undertaking. In order to make these processes more efficient, managers need an easy-to-use system to monitor the performance of their fleet vehicles and workers.
With a Waste Management fleet tracking system, managers of a waste management organization fleet can be sure to keep their vehicles and assets running safely, and they can protect their assets from theft and misuse.
With rich data collection, easy integration, and unique Marketplace solutions, fleets can optimize operations while keeping customers happy. with TrackOlap Waste management fleets can achieve high standards in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Lower fuel costs

When there is volatility in fuel prices, your profits fluctuate. Our focus is on reducing fuel costs through proactively monitoring different aspects of your operations. We plan routes efficiently to cut down the miles reducing fuel usage. We monitor vehicle diagnostics to know how your trucks are using fuel so that you can restructure your fleet to ensure your most efficient vehicles are doing the longest routes.


Tracolap provides an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from enabling the most efficient routes that reduces miles driven, keeps fuel costs low and provides valuable insight to ensure you have the right sized fleet to meet your business demands.
We also provide vehicle diagnostics that can alert you of when things are beginning to go wrong - we deliver productivity through reliability.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracolap provides users the visibility and data they need to better manage their fleet. TrackOlap integrates Google Maps and our proprietary software to provide regular mapping updates to maintain fleet activity.

Benefits of Waste Management fleet tracking include:

  1. An understanding of the most efficient routes to job sites
  2. Knowledge of where vehicles and assets are, and what they are doing
  3. Visibility into patterns and inefficiencies that would otherwise go unseen