Mobility Fleet

Managing mobile employees that provide care to clients, deliver medical supplies, or transport individuals is a complex and demanding task. Safety on the job and customer care are top priorities. Geotab's secure and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer the insight, visibility, and actionable alerts you need to improve customer service and lower costs. From managing emergency service vehicles, to monitoring home health care personnel, GPS fleet trackers are ideal for the healthcare industry.

Prompt service

In the emergency health services field, rapid dispatching and calling upon the closest emergency crew can literally be the difference between life and death. For this reason, GPS fleet tracking is an obvious choice for emergency services businesses. Giving your fleet manager the tools to identify the most efficient vehicle to dispatch and provide the faster travel route for that crew is necessary for providing the best care to those in need.

Build happy customer base

tracking provides a significant benefit to both the business and your customers. By tracking your mobile employees, you can verify that your workforce arrives to their patients or clients on time and gives them the time allotted. If your employees run behind or the schedule needs to change, you can quickly evaluate your options for moving employees from job to job in order to keep your clients happy.

Increase efficiency and decrease operational cost

GPS tracking helpful for monitoring their mobile workforce for improper activity. This is done by comparing documented patient visits and reported time visited to the actual. We've heard several stories of home health providers driving by the patient's house or stopping for only 5 minutes and reporting they were there for a full hour or the full time they were to be working with the patient. GPS tracking removes the risk of inaccurate and unlawful behavior.