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Fleet Management Software

TrackOlap fleet management software proposes a real time vehicle location tracker that brings productivity into the business operations and implement procedures at a faster rate.

TrackOlap GPS Tracking system can monitor microscopic remote activities of vehicles present on remote locations and record detailed data to prevent theft or tampering scenarios.


Live Tracking

Every insignificant movement of the vehicle is displayed over a digital map with the real time speed status such as parked, idle moving, fast moving, etc.,

  • Live GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Track Vehicles on Map
  • Tracking History of 3 months
  • Increase Fleet Productivity

Real-Time or Instant Alerts

From accessing behaviour of drivers to percentage of fuel usage, numerous other instant real-time alerts are availed by software - speeding alert,route deviation alert and excessive stoppage alert.

  • Ignition Alerts
  • Vehicle Overspeed Alert
  • Rash Driving Alert
  • Idling Alert

Engine Immobilizer

Remote Engine Immobilizer to shut off vehicles or other assets from anywhere to lure away thieves.

  • Remote Cut-Off
  • Immobilize On Zero Speed

Insight & Analytics

A significant insightful data can assist in making crucial business decisions - cost management, improved fleet management, driver's performance, vehicle utilization.

  • Analyze Vehicle Utilization
  • Analyze driver performance

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

A closely monitored behaviour system will intensify the efficiency of drivers and reduce the operational cost of the company like insurance, fuel usage and much more.

  • Driver Reports
  • Harsh Breaking Alert


Geofence is an ace custom alert system where particular boundary is fenced on the map and whenever vehicle enters or exits that digital boundary, then it will instantly send an alert.

  • Mark Geofence On Map
  • Alert for In/Out

Vehicle Grouping

A single interface account with the potential to access group of vehicles and maintain entire fleet record in real-time and keeps the process simple.

  • Add Vehicle Groups
  • Role Based User Hierarchy
  • Access Control & User
  • Management

Fuel Monitoring

The comprehensive fuel monitoring report will reduce the business operational cost along with keeping the treetop sight on travel distance, average speed and fuel used within a selected date figures

  • Reduce Fuel Expense
  • Fuel Summary
  • Error-Free & Easy Record Keeping

Powerful Reports

GPS Tracking Solutions that come with enterprise dashboard has a comprehensive set of graphical reports which enables fleet managers to keep data for 90 days and make lucrative business decisions accordingly.

  • Vehicle Usage Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Easily Export In Any Format
  • Replay The Trip

Push Notifications

Get the instant and the most relevant push notifications of every small or big information related to vehicle's performance or driver's behaviour around the clock.

  • Ignition ON/OFF
  • Door Open/Close
  • Geo-Fence Notifications
  • Over Speeding, Harsh Brake
  • Disconnection Alert


Enhanced Time Management

In fleet management, GPS trackers ameliorate the time management for both drivers and dispatchers as every move of the vehicle can be easily monitored, traffic updates can be received in real time and arrival time can be predicted in advance.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Fuel consumption level and idle time on the road can be controlled with live tracking along with the chances of theft and accidents can be minimized dramatically which results in the reduction in business operational costs.

Accessible Work Environment

Owner of vehicles has safety of their assets in their hands as they can anytime remotely immobilize engine to safeguard it and can reduce wastage of their resources with the help of timely insightful analytic reports.

Responsive Work Culture

With the drivers behaviour and harsh driving alerts, it gets easier for managers to fix the responsibility of any incurred loss and create a significant work system where drivers won't make any intentional mistakes.

Effective Management

Managers can map out the routes for their vehicles on the maps using geo fencing feature that will immediately alert them if vehicle exit or enter marked territory. Additionally, using single fleet management portal, managers can observe their all on road vehicles.

Stay Updated

The instant push notifications alert make sure that owners stay updated and receive all the data related to their vehicle in real time such as - driver's stopovers, speeding,AC on/off,ignition on/off,engine on/off, fuel consumptions etc.,

Quick Maintenance

Fleet management enterprise dashboard has a comprehensive set of graphical reports such as Vehicle Usage Reports and Fuel Reports which offers data to fleet managers so that they can work on the maintenance of their vehicles.

Ease at your Fingertips

Fleet management is an easy to use, understand and functional tool with quirky user interface which is available in multiple languages and can downloaded on different devices.

Reduction in Risk Level

In the long term perspective fleet management systems improve road safety and reduce accident rates which will reduce the cost of insurance.

What You Get

Admin Web

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Manage all Vehicle
  • Real time location of vehicles at one go
  • Overall Summary
  • Record & view of routes
  • Reports - Trip, Stoppage, etc
  • Geofencing Create/Update
  • Available in different languages

Mobile App

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Real time alerts of activities at one go
  • View of vehicle activity
  • Immobilize the vehicle
  • Different languages
  • Geofencing Create/Update
  • All admin web portal features

GPS Devices

  • Wired/Non wired device(OBD)
  • 4 hours battery backup
  • Panic button with alerts
  • Normal/AIS approved
  • Relay for immobilization
  • One year Warrenty

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